How much cooling would it take to offset all the global warming we’ve got going on?

I didn’t know.

(I was surprised how difficult it was to find this out, given how easy it is to find out the quantification of how far off we are, the 1.53°F warmer than pre-industrial times.)

So I asked.

An astrophysicist calculated it for me: about 3 terajoules per second.

A phenomenal amount.

Give you an idea: what would we have to actually do to create that amount of warming across the entire planet?

Sad but true. Explode a Hiroshima-sized atomic bomb in the atmosphere every 20 seconds… 180 going off every hour… Over 4000 per day, every day.

And that’s a number that keeps going up.

That’s some really bad news.

No wonder they keep it from us.

Imagine what we’d do if some fool, (or some nation) was exploding 4000 atomic bombs every day, creating this heating?

How long we’d let that go on before the rest of the world banded together in solidarity, put an end to it?

But because it is “us” who are doing this, we don’t even know the number, how bad it is.

We get all kinds of distractions, as to even

IF it is happening…

IF *we* might even somehow be responsible for it …

And of course, even if all the previous WAS happening, nothing whatsoever that WE could do about it…


knowing it IS true,

quantifying it in this way,

It is fairly clear what we need to do to offset it.

While we can applaud and encourage the ongoing efforts to stop the warming itself

— and we need to, absolutely —

it cannot keep us from doing all we can now to prevent further damage.

And, good news, we have everything we need to create now even that phenomenal amount of cooling.

We have the source: 200 million cubic miles of 39°F water in the deep ocean, a thousand meters down, below the “thermocline”, where sunlight never reaches.

We have a proven way to tap into that. The “OTEC” technology has been known for a century, and going right here in Hawaii, reliably night and day for over six years.

More popular recently, the largest OTEC plant in the world, already 100 times larger than Hawaii’s, is under construction currently in China.

We have even the way to power these, up to the planetary scale, that requires burning no fossil fuel. (OTEC has proven itself as a way to *create* power.)

And the interaction itself is endothermic, taking heat OUT of the oceans to make power.

Each 100 MW plant can bring up to the surface 100,000 gallons of 39° water, every second.

How much would it cost to build enough of these [less than 100] to offset all of our current global cooling?

About a dollar a day for one year for just the richest one billion of us.

(More specifically, less than 1% of the income for one year of the very richest less than 1% of us.

You make less than $100/day? No charge. We got this.

You make $200/day? It’s maybe 60-80¢ per day, for one year.)

Look at the costs of us continuing on as we have been: $500 billion worldwide, the last decade, from five causes: Floods, Droughts, Heat waves, Wildfires, Hurricanes.

And is it getting worse?

And how fast!!

$50 billion from 1 year, 1 cause, in 1 region alone — USA 2020 hurricane season.

*AND* more recently: 1 yr, 1 cause, 1 region, from ONE STORM alone (“Ida”) last year causing $95 billion damage.

You in?

Is it worth it to you to see the fabric of Life NOT be shredded here?

Offset the 4000 bomb equivalent?

Do you care enough?

Would you contribute how much to stop this heating our biosphere?


No. (Who convinced us that THAT is the way?)

That’s a race to the

It will never work

And it’s so unnecessary.

Rather, declare the “I care about the Earth!” fund.

Let the virtue signaling begin!

The super-powers’ “friendly arms race” competition to provide the most complete coverage from the hurricane prone regions in their sphere of influence.

Billionaires compete for best designs, incorporating both cooling AND “green” electricity generation… with their prestige, bragging rights, on the line — see who can build the best, the fastest, the most comprehensive cooling coverage for the least price.

Insurance companies see “Risk Mitigation” writ large and build strings of these global cooling facilities at the mouths of Hurricane Alleys.

Socially responsible investment companies float bonds, build these, cool the planet now, and sell the resultant “green” power to the developing world for just the cost of ongoing maintenance and upkeep.

They never need fuel. With proper maintenance, they’ll run forever.)

What a great investment!

“Sister city” programs compete to see who can do the most to build these, cool off the planet, while providing needed *sustainable* green energy to a developing world.

Noting, this IS necessary. Yes, no doubt.

(Who will have us wait *decades* for sufficient drawdown of greenhouse gases before dealing with the warming going on now?)

But cooling the planet is not anywhere near sufficient. NOT our “Get Out of Jail” free card, that we can stupidly keep on burning fossil fuels, releasing more carbon dioxide. No.

Excess carbon dioxide in the air reacts with seawater, making carbonic acid, lowering dangerously the pH of the oceans.

The plankton on the oceans’ surface, using photosynthesis, create 50-80% of the oxygen on this planet.

We keep on killing them off

acidification, & warming surface layers,

it won’t just be the end of human civilization, as all humans struggle to find the oxygen to breathe.

ALL the animals, all other oxygen breathers, are going to be in deep trouble as well.

(Given that much disruption in the animal kingdom, can plants be far behind?)

We have everything we need to solve this.

We need to see clearly:

how big the problem is,

what’s doable to solve it,

And take the necessary steps to do so.

Let our legacy be not that Life went through a major, cataclysmic disruptions/ END (!) on our watch.


Let our legacy be that we woke up in time,

saw what needed to do done.

We did what we needed to do,

Left the planet in better shape than we found it.

Tell others.

Improve on this, please,

If you want to be kept informed of what I know about this email me:

Permission is explicitly granted here to copy, reproduce this.(It’s all public information.)

Let other people know.

Do you care?

Do you see what’s happening?

“Not with MY planet, you don’t.”

Yours truly,

Paul C. Hoffman

Vallejo CA USA

Voicemail (no text) 24/7:510.496.3463.

I’ve no background in engineering design, hydrological modeling.

People will be able to improve a lot upon what I’ve outlined here.



Not an option.”

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